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Pepper Lunch Restaurant Review

Pepper Lunch is a “fast-steak” restaurant franchise popular in the Tokyo area. There are 226 restaurants in Japan and many more around the world and in the Philippines.  Pepper Lunch was created in 1994 by chef and inventor Kunio Ichinose, who wanted to serve quality fast food without hiring a chef.

He devised a method using hot metal plates that are heated to 500 degrees Fahrenheit (260 Celsius) by an electromagnetic cooker. The raw meat with vegetables and/or rice are then placed on the plates, where they cook in front of the customer. The meat can be eaten rare or well done, depending on the customer’s preference.

The meal is then choice cuts of beef, chicken, pork and salmon are served with rice and vegetables for guests to cook and mixed with a choice of either season using flavors of teriyaki, onion sauce, honey brown sauce (Amakuchi) or garlic soy sauce (Karakuchi)—and that dash of freshly ground pepper to give you that delicious, flavor-filled meal. Pepper Lunch is just like other fast food chain.

First you need to fall in line to choose what meal you prefer and pay your order after that the cashier will assign you your table number but remember that if you prefer a specific seat that’s available, the cashier can always allocate that to you.

This is the first time I eat at pepper lunch so I’m not yet familiar with their menus and other services but they crew are so accomodating to every customer.  I enjoyed my first experienced eating at pepper lunch with my girlfriend together with her nieces & nephews and her sister in law.

Pepper Lunch offers impressive tasting steaks but they come with a quite expensive price. But if you want to sample their DIY dining experience, you might want to check it.

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