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A Place to Make Custom Stuffed Animals from your Pets Picture!

How would you like to make a custom stuffed animal of your favorite pet?  Pampanga Teddy Bear Factory could be the teddy bear maker you’ve been looking for! Based in Clark, Pampanga, Philippines, this unique business specializes in making 100% custom designed stuffed animals.  All they need are a few pictures of your pet and they’ll handle all the rest.

How They Make Stuffed Animals

If you’ve ever wondered how stuffed animals are made, here’s a video showing exactly how they make custom stuffed animal toys:

Personalized Plush Toys

A personalized stuffed animal is a way for you to bring your favorite pet around with you anywhere you go.  These soft and cuddly plush toys are custom-made by hand, created to look and resemble the likeness of your pet.  These make perfect gifts for all you animal lovers out there!

For more information on this teddy bear maker company, visit their website at