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Leslie is a Food Blogger based in Manila, Philippines. In this digital area, taking pictures has become one of the needs to become a successful social media star.  The beauty captured through the lenses, then shared to the world to see has been a modern-day tradition for everyone around the world. The community in where they share these have connected them virtually, making the search for the “best things that life has to offer” an easier process unlike before.

As one of the trends introduced during the social media trend, the “Shoot First, Eat Later” has taken the world by storm. Here, you simply just have to take a photo before you actually eat whatever you ordered/cooked. This global phenomenon has encouraged user participation in the digital era where having a feed is almost becoming a need.

To Leslie, a food blogger, this social media behavior is more of an opportunity. She was able to utilize this trend to her advantage and thus gaining numerous followers after. Her mouthwatering posts has earned herself a spot in ManilaBazaar’s Blogger of the Month.

Shoot First, Eat Later features dishes from around the world varying from one local cuisine to another. Despite being mostly a food blog, Leslie also posts entries for different natures such as travel and leisure. The blog runs for almost a decade now as it recently had its 9th anniversary on February 2.

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