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A Memorable Day at Manila’s Trendsetter’s Bazaar

The Trendsetter’s Bazaar was bigger than ever last July 8-10. Aside from the trendy clothes, and make up, this time they also included a sneaker and gadget sale! For just Php 100, shoppers get the chance to grab items up to 70% off its normal prices. I’ve always wanted to go to the Trendsetter’s Bazaar because I know I’ll get really good items for really reasonable prices so I was delighted when Manila Bazaars asked me to go.It was held at World Trade Center and ran from July 8-10 from 11 AM- 9 PM. Upon entering you are greeted by food concessionaires and a lot of people. Once inside though, it is not as crowded. The place was well ventilated so the experience was pleasurable.

There were booths where bloggers sold clothes, and if you’re lucky you could get the chance to meet your favorite bloggers. I got really excited when I saw David Guison and Vina Guerrero. I actually didn’t notice them at first, I was looking through the clothes when suddenly I saw Vina Guerrero’s familiar red hair. I was so excited, and I’m so glad I got to talk to them and got to know them a bit more.

There were so many stores and the styles all varied. There were shops for men, for women, and even for kids. There were bags, shoes, make up, and so many other things. I really enjoyed the shopping experience.

With so many people around, I felt like I was on a shopping marathon. Before buying I always make sure that I absolutely love whatever it is I’m buying, also that it’s the best one of that kind with the best price at the venue. The added pressure of other people getting that last skirt or top I wanted gave me this thrill. It was as if I was in a competition to find the best things to buy. I really enjoy shopping like this. Don’t worry though if you’re not this type of shopper. Other people like my cousins, just walked around relaxed and bought the clothes that they wanted.

The sneaker district was amazing. There were so many sneakers and they were all beautiful. If you are planning to go to the next Trendsetter’s Bazaar and you want to buy sneakers, make sure to bring around Php 5000-6000 because this was the range of the price of the sneakers.

The gadget district had headphones, speakers, phones, laptops, power banks, and other gadgets. Again, if you’re planning to buy gadgets, I suggest you bring a lot of money since the lines to the ATM were pretty long.

I’m so happy with all the clothes that I bought and it didn’t cost me that much! My cousin was able to buy an entire outfit, a bag, shoes, and a dress under Php 1,500. That just goes to show that you don’t need a lot of money before going to the bazaar, just in case you’re worried about your budget. What always helps me is I ask whoever I’m shopping with to make sure that I don’t buy anything over a specific price, for this bazaar it was Php 500, unless they thought it was worth it too. I also make sure that this person isn’t as addicted to shopping as me, so they could be my voice of reason. Overall, the experience was really fun. I’ll definitely go to their next bazaars, and I really hope you do too!