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“A celebration of home cooking.“ Moms truly have the best recipes in the world. For Ana, cooking has been more than just a hobby. It is an everyday celebration with her family. A new blogger, Ana proved that her posts are very follow-worthy. Her mouthwatering entries are not only photographed...

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3 Reasons Why Pillow Heads Make the Best Gifts

When it comes to giving gifts, picking the best one isn’t that easy, especially for someone like me who doesn’t hand out gifts just for the sake of giving. I always consider the thought behind it first.  The more it touches someone’s heart, the better.  Do you have the same goal?  Then...

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Leslie is a Food Blogger based in Manila, Philippines. In this digital area, taking pictures has become one of the needs to become a successful social media star.  The beauty captured through the lenses, then shared to the world to see has been a modern-day tradition for everyone around the world...