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5 Amazing Customized Gift Ideas in Manila: Personalized Gifts Everyone Will Enjoy

It seems like there’s always another holiday or special occasion lurking around the corner. From personal occasions like birthdays and anniversaries to big holidays like Christmas and Valentine’s Day, we all eventually find ourselves on a quest to find that special, unique gift that friends or loved ones will (hopefully!) enjoy. So whether you’re on a small budget or have money to splurge, here’s a handy guide of 5 easy customized gifts that you can personalize for any occasion:

  1. Customized Pillows
  2. Ceramic Tile Prints
  3. Customized Backpack
  4. Canvas Prints
  5. Customized Pouch

Customized Gifts - Pillows

Customized Pillows

Let’s start with our #1 recommendation for customized gifts in Manila. That honor would go to Pillow Art, a company based in Pampanga, Philippines. This company has been creating personalized pillows since 2016, and offer a huge selection of pillows that you can customize with your own pictures and graphics.

Have an album full of pictures on your iPhone that you’ve been meaning to do something with? Just head over to their website, choose your pillow style, then upload your iPhone pictures there. After receiving your order, they will assign you a graphic designer who will do a free pillow layout of your pictures and then send it back to you for approval.

All pillows by Pillow Art are handcrafted and take only a few days to produce. That means that in just a few days, you’ll have a personalized pillow on your doorstep!

For the best customized pillows in the Philippines, go to

Customized Gifts - Ceramic Tile Prints

Ceramic Tile Prints

The ceramic tile print is a unique alternative to traditional picture-framed photographs and makes a great customized gift. Using dye sublimation printing, your pictures are literally infused into a ceramic tile (the kind of ceramic tiles you’ll see in any kitchen or shower). This means you get a vibrant, glossy finish and something that just feels cool holding in your hands.

Display your ceramic tile prints beautifully on a small wooden easel, or purchase it with a wall mount so that you can hang your tile on the wall like you would with any artwork. For a creative touch, you can design a wall mosaic out of your tiles. Can you imagine having a tile mural embedded into your bathroom wall? You’ll have that huge picture of Palawan to look at every time you’re relaxing with Mr. Bubble in your bathtub.

For amazing customized ceramic tile prints in Manila, visit

Customized Backpack

This is the kind of customized gift you’ll want whether there’s a special occasion to celebrate or not. Just think of any ordinary Jansport backpack, but instead of plain colors it’s covered in your favorite Instagram pictures. Have a child in grade school? Customize his or her backpack with fun selfies and make a backpack that will make his classmates wanting one too.

The customized backpack is a great gift idea because it will last for years to come and it’s a gift that’s genuinely useful. It’s the first time we’ve ever heard of a product like this in the Philippines, so be one of the first to get your hands on one.

Visit to order your own customized backpack.

Canvas Prints

Canvas prints have been around since antiquity when artists used to paint directly onto canvas stretched across a wooden frame. Fast forward to modern times and we now have the ability to print photos directly onto canvas.  Canvas prints are another great alternative to picture framed-photos because the way its texture reflects light lends a certain gravitas to your image.  Canvas prints also come ready to hang, which means hanging your canvas is a cinch – and a quick way to cheer up any room.

Visit to order your customized canvas print.

Customized Gifts - Wallet Pouch

Customized Wallet Pouch

Managing all the clutter in life can feel like a daily chore.  But there’s one item that can help bring harmony to our lives – the ubiquitous wallet pouch.  A manage-it-all pouch that can hold anything from makeup to money, ballpens to cellphones is the one thing we all seem to need most.  So why not do it in style? The customized wallet pouch is another customized gift item from Photo Fusion that can be adorned with any picture or graphic you want.  Cellphone pictures, Instagram pictures, selfie pictures, you name it.  Photo Fusion offers two variants – a small coin pouch size for your small everyday items, and a larger, elongated  pouch for your larger items.

Head over to to order your customized wallet pouch.

Customized Gifts for Everyone

With all the smartphones and photo taking apps nowadays, taking high quality pictures is easier than ever.  This only adds fuel to the growing demand for customized gifts in the Philippines.  With more and more companies around Manila offering personalized items, the gift buying experience is only going to get easier (and more fun!) to do.