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3 Reasons Why Pillow Heads Make the Best Gifts

When it comes to giving gifts, picking the best one isn’t that easy, especially for someone like me who doesn’t hand out gifts just for the sake of giving. I always consider the thought behind it first.  The more it touches someone’s heart, the better.  Do you have the same goal?  Then Pillow Art’s Pillow Heads are for you. Here are three reasons why you should consider giving them as your next gifts.

Pillow Heads Are Adorable

What I love about Pillow Heads is the fact that they’re so cute and quirky. They’re a unique gift that never fails to put a smile on someone’s face. Whether it your friend’s head or your pet’s head, it will definitely lighten up any room you put it in.

Pillow Heads Are Manufactured Here in the Philippines

Pillow Art, the company that makes Pillow Heads, puts a lot of effort into making your special gift.  I stumbled across this video from their Facebook page showing how they are made. You can tell that they definitely take good care of your orders.  Here’s the video of the whole process:

Pillow Art Makes It Easy to Order

When I tried purchasing this product, I assumed that I would be waiting a while to get it. However, that clearly isn’t the case. From the same video, you can tell that the process is completed within a day, and is fully handcrafted (which makes it more valuable if you think of it).  I basically had the pillow a few days after I placed my order on their website, and I can proudly say that I am happy customer.

To make an order, just go to their website and send a high-quality picture of someone’s head. Their graphic designers will send you a cutout of your head, and once you’ve approved the cutout and paid for the item, the production on your Pillow Head begins.  Within a few days, you’ll have your own Pillow Head on your doorstep.

Want to order your own Pillow Head? Head over to now.