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Styles and Bites 2016: Food, Flair, Finds

According to their page, Styles and Bites is a “festival of finely curated flavors and fanciful finds for the metro’s pleasure-seeking foodies and shoppers.” Anyone who knows me knows that fashion and food are at the top of the things I love. Naturally, when I was asked by Manila Bazaars to go to the Styles and Bites bazaar last July 2, 2016, I said yes. For only a fee of Php 100, Styles and Bites can be “your urban escape to all things food and fashion.”

The bazaar was held at the SMX convention center and ran from July 1-3 from 12 NN to 10 PM. Unlike other bazaars I’ve been to, the space between the stalls were wide and allowed shoppers to walk around freely and comfortably. The venue was well ventilated and had a pleasant ambiance.

There were a lot of tables and chairs available so you could sit down, eat, and rest while enjoying live music and spoken word from various young artists. This was a treat because all the artists were so talented and it made the experience so much more pleasurable.

The place was filled with various shops mostly from Instagram. The bazaar had so many diverse shops. I’m sure everyone could find something they wanted. They sold everything from clothes to novelty items to arts and crafts and even drones!

Styles and Bites also held a lot of giveaways on their Instagram where you could win GCs and goodies from the stores.  I was actually lucky enough to win one of their giveaways. I received a Php 200 GC from Cannoli & Co., a Php 500 GC from Bagwings, Php 1000 worth of goodies from Mikki Galang, Chicken and Mojo Combo from Everyday Frydate, goodies from Native Gourmet and Mylk Bar, a Php 500 GC from Shnukum Manila, a Php 500 gift certificate from Papelito, a Php 500 GC from Bricks & Copper, a Php 300 GC from Midnight Bites, a Php 200 GC from All About Beans, one month membership from Curves Philippines, and a Php 1000 worth Foot Detox Service from Waters Philippines. This thrilled me of course, because I got so many things for free! Make sure to follow their Instagram account for their next events so that you don’t miss these giveaways.

I always enjoy shopping because I feel so relaxed and happy after. It’s like a therapy for me that allows me to relax and enjoy myself. At Styles and Bites bazaar though, my normal shopping experience was multiplied by a hundred. I didn’t mind walking around the big area because all the stores offered something new. The clothes were so unique, stylish, and affordable. There were quirky finds and decorations. There was even a saddle stitch binding workshop which was free for the first 5 participants. There were beauty products like masks, lotions, and soaps, high quality make up and make up brushes. There was even furniture! My mom who loves to shop just as much as me enjoyed walking around and shopping since everything was such a bargain. Even my boyfriend who isn’t a big fan of shopping, enjoyed himself and bought a few things.

The food was of course, amazing. I say this a lot but that’s only because I really love savoring food. I’m not the type to limit myself to a certain cuisine. I’m always so ready to try out new cuisines so the varied cuisines offered at Styles and Bites delighted me. The choices were so diverse that I couldn’t decide where to eat first. I got to try the bagnet and wings combo from Bagwings which was delicious, but very spicy. I also had the pizza cone from Midnight Bites, which may I say, is better than regular pizza because of your toppings are doubled. I also had the cannoli from Cannoli & Co. which was delicious, I especially liked the pistachio and chocolate combination.

I also got chicken and mojos from Everyday Frydate which is the perfect combination for an amazing snack. Their varying dips was also spectacular. After all the walking and shopping I did, I was thankful for the very refreshing lemon iced tea from All About Beans. Check out the cuties from Ohana Hawaiian Poké Bowls PH. I really really wanted to try their poké bowls because I’ve been hearing so much about this delicious bowl, unfortunately, I was too full.

I’ve experienced bazaars that offered food and fashion before. However, what makes Styles and Bites so unique to me was how comfortable and enjoyable the environment was, and how diverse the stalls were. They didn’t limit their fashion stalls to certain styles, they offered items for all ages, and the cuisine offered varied from Filipino food to Hawaiian food to Turkish food, and more.

Look at everything I brought home! I’m so happy from everything I got to bring home, from the experience of shopping, and from being able to bond and have fun with my mom and boyfriend. I love how the bazaar felt like a place where you could bond with friends and family, not just to shop and have dinner, but also to unwind. I’m definitely going to their next bazaar. Who wouldn’t? It’s fashion and food all under one comfortable and pleasurable roof! See you there!