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Myrrazen Kate Consulta

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Yours Truly, Myrra is a life, style, college, and book blog owned by Myrrazen Kate Consulta, an 18-year-old girl who’s passionate about writing, reading, blogging, and everything in between. This blog is not only just a blog for her. This is also her journal where she can write about the things worth remembering when the time comes that remembering is not that easy task for her anymore. This is her medium where she can reach out to the people who need tips, advices, reviews, or even some spark of motivation. This is her way of sharing to the world the things that interest her the most and perhaps, the things, places, and events that would interest her readers as well. And finally, this is herself connecting to you, her readers, to make you realize how loved, beautiful, and worth-it you are.

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