Lifestyle Bloggers

Ciara Magallanes

Ciara believes that the best things in life are free.  She’s got the Father Almighty, the best husband, daughter, family, in-laws, relatives and friends.

Abby S. Borja

A newbie mom of a baby girl and doctor’s wife.  A former marketing practitioner, now a dedicated home maker, entrepreneur, and part time blogger, collaborator and stylist. 

Myrrazen Kate Consulta

Yours Truly, Myrra is a life, style, college, and book blog owned by Myrrazen Kate Consulta, 

Arcee Miranda

The Bag Investigator is a Modern Mommy Lifestyle blog which tackles about bags, mommy issues, lifestyle, tech, beauty and food.

Kayleen Ortiz

Kayleen is an athlete, aerialist, brand ambassador, fitness model and one of the leading movement artists in Asia.