Food Bloggers

The Odehlicious

The Odehlicious is a food blog that cook and shares international/foreign food recipes, and review restaurants and street foods in Cebu and in the Philippines. It is managed by Saif Odeh, a Physical Therapist by profession, and a Foodie by passion who loves anything about food. If you are from...


“A celebration of home cooking.“ Moms truly have the best recipes in the world. For Ana, cooking has been more than just a hobby. It is an everyday celebration with her family. A new blogger, Ana proved that her posts are very follow-worthy. Her mouthwatering entries are not only photographed...

The Tennis Foodie

He is a tennis player who loves to travel and to eat. His name is Emmanuel Damian.

Mary Love Siy

She’s your local foodie who goes crazy whenever she hears or reads the word salmon.  She loves to eat and explore the world one bite at a time. 

Pears Florido

Hello, My name is Pears Florido. Sometimes I write, sometimes I work and always, I live. Welcome to my life in a fruit basket!

The Foodie Station

We are The Foodie Station. We love to eat and we are always on the lookout for new gastronomic adventures.

Lloyd and Me-An

The Yogo and Cream page contains photos, stories, and videos on reasonable food, travel, etc.

Peachy Adarne

Hi everyone! My name is Peachy and I’m a foodie mommy living in the Philippines. 

Marco Paulo Diala is managed by Marco Paulo Diala, a Kapampangan who is based in Cebu City, Philippines.


Leslie is a Food Blogger based in Manila, Philippines. In this digital area, taking pictures has become one of the needs to become a successful social media star.  The beauty captured through the lenses, then shared to the world to see has been a modern-day tradition for everyone around the world...


Founded in 2008, YedyLicious is a food blog in Manila, Philippines about best things that constitute a delicious life – around food.

Clarisse Panuelos

Here you will find food adventures in and out of Clarisse’s kitchen, plus a bit of her travel stories.

Sumi Go

The Purpledoll’s review on Metro Manila’s restaurants, buffets, cafés and even food stalls.

Berylle Kaye Hong

ItsBeryllicious is a personal blog that shares about passions in life & food, travel and basically all things Berylle love.

Frances Ang

Frannywanny is a food and travel blog which was created back in 2007.

Jill Bantang

Jill believes in living a healthy and balanced lifestyle.


The blog started back in 2011 as an avenue to share the places Michy has been to, the food she love and random ideas.

Richie Zamora

Richie’s blog started because of his wife’s love for taking pictures of their food trips.

Abby Raines

ManilaSpoon came into being due to her desire to have all favorite recipes be compiled into one easy to access file.

Erwan Heussaff

“I cooked my way to fitness, making sure to only feed myself tasty well prepared dishes with all the right stuff, the perfect fuel.” -Erwan H.