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Bazaar For All Seasons 2016

October 14-16, 2016 | 11am – 9pm | Elements Tent Eton Centris EDSA


From its inception in 2012, Bazaar for All Season has provided a venue for both budding and seasoned designers as well as brand owners to showcase their offerings in a cozy and chic atmosphere conducive to shopping and relaxation ensured by 6 years of professional events management experience of Limitless Events. Bazaar for All Season has grown to become a fave hunting ground of fashion-and-price conscious shoppers for unique creations that cannot be found elsewhere.

Bazaar for All Season manages to stay on top of the trends, go beyond the normal concept of bazaars, and attract even the youngest and hippest crowd by maximizing the potential of online grassroots promotion via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and various fashion blogs. Activities includes utilizing online contests, surveys, and active social networking to reach out, interact, and work with members of the fashion community ranging from the trend-setting bloggers to the curious fashionista wanting more bang for their buck.

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Contact Numbers: (0915) 341-3560 / (0917) 898-6808


Elements Tent Eton Centris
EDSA cor Quezon Avenue, Quezon City